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Product name: Reel online degreasing machine
Main feature:
●  Can be directly connected to reeling machine;
●  Reduce artificially reduce work intensity;
● To achieve fuel savings from self-circulation;
●  Closed control safe and reliable;
●  Create 5S standard for fastener industry.

Main feature:
1. Saving fuel consumption: to achieve cold oyster sauce self-circulation, saving a lot of cold oyster sauce;
2. Safety and environmental protection: fully enclosed control, safe operation, can keep the site clean;
3. The provincial labor: to achieve automatic oil rejection, reduce the work intensity of workers, can expand the amount of single-person equipment;
4. Convenient for subsequent processes: Effectively reduce the impact of excessive oil on subsequent processes;
5. Stable and durable: the materials used are exquisite, the work is solid, the design service life is more than 8 years.


The main technical standard:
Technical parameters
Model number GJ-DC300 GJ-DT300
Rated voltage 3~380V/50HZ 3~380V/50HZ
Motor power 0.95 KW 0.95 KW
Pressure range 0.4-0.8 MPA 0.4-0.8 MPA
Control method PLC automatic control PLC automatic control
Operation method Manual/Auto Manual/Auto
Applicable wire range Iron screw products with M10 and less than 70mm For M10 and below ≤ 70MM screw products
Electromechanical work system 24-hour system 24-hour system
Equipment weight 400 KG 400 KG
Liner size 200 MM 200 MM
Transmission method Electrical machinery drive Electrical machinery drive
Appearance color Apple Green Apple Green
Processing weight 300 kg/hour 300 kg/hour
Overall size (MM ) 1700*570*2000 1700*570*2000

Note: It can be customized according to the special requirements of the customer.

Mainly through the on-line docking reeling device discharge port the physical centrifugal centrifugal oil removal method removes most of the grease attached to the surface of the reeled fastener and is recovered by the pump to the reeling device to realize the self-circulation of the refrigerated reeling oil.
(1) Bolts standard parts special-shaped parts etc. for the fastener industry;
(2) The machining industry needs to remove the oil on the surfaces of the components.