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High speed oil removal machine launched by Pinghu Gao Jia ma

Release time: 2018-03-15 10:37


"Upgrade" in the wake of the economic crisis has become a pet phrase, but heard more and more confused, now talk about the transformation and upgrading, many enterprises are eager but discouraged, for many reasons. Some enterprises made great efforts to reform their production structure at the very beginning, and the result was too urgent for them to operate. Some enterprises felt that transformation and upgrading were a big problem, and their own businesses were too small to dare to try.


In such a situation, Pinghu Gao Jia Machinery has taken a firm step on the road of transformation and upgrading.


Pinghu City Jia Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the main precision machinery parts, after years of operation, now high Scarlett have achieved TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification, and the establishment of cooperative relations with many foreign companies, products are exported to Europe and the United States, has also been widely recognized by customers. The customers who have been working for many years are also high quality products companies. This also promotes Gao Jia's continuous improvement of product quality and the development of more products that satisfy customers' requirements.


In 2012, Pinghu Jijia Machinery Co., Ltd. joined the fastener Hardware Industry Association of Pinghu, and also had more exchanges with other members of the association. High Scarlett Chairman Sun learned that some SG fastener enterprises have the urgent demand for oil removal equipment, before the company is the first product removal of oil oil filter then manual handling to throw drums for degreasing operations, and sometimes too much, in addition to oil will not clean, the product quality is affected by.


In fact, sun always has been looking for such an opportunity for transformation and upgrading. In 2012, Pinghu Gao Jia established research and development team, and began a concept and design work of high-speed deoiling machine. At that time, two R & D personnel used the rest time outside the work to test and research the equipment. In June 2013, the first prototype was offline, and then it was improved and revised after trial operation. Until April 2014, second prototypes were completed, and the company carried out a month's internal test, and the operation was normal. In May, the company applied for a patent for the device.


Now, this high speed oil removal machine has been put into trial in a number of fastener enterprises in Jiaxing. In the past, the fastener enterprises used traditional methods to remove oil, and the workshops were often filled with oil, which had caused great waste to the cost of enterprises. Now the use of high - Jia oil removal machine, a special container automation recovery, recycling, can reduce 20% of the fuel consumption, the workshop environment has become better. In addition, a person controlled 3 devices and used high oil deoiling machine. After that, one person can control 5-6 units. Because the deoiling machine is fully automated, the labor intensity of workers is obviously reduced, and the cost is also greatly reduced.


In fact, transformation and upgrading is not difficult. It is necessary for the fastener enterprises to have enough patience. First of all, we need to change from concept to step by step to change the drawbacks in the past production process, enhance the added value of products, or change the market direction. Like Pinghu Gao Jia, efforts to develop new products and new equipment, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency is a very successful “ upgrade ”


According to Sun Zong, this oil removal opportunity will continue to be improved according to the needs in the production process. The company plans annual output of 2000 units, which will increase year by year, and it can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the needs of the majority of fastener manufacturers.

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